How do the mini news in SEO?

Given the high competition in internet appear on the top of the search engines like Google, many people use various search engine optimization techniques in order to achieve this goal. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through the creation and publication of mini news which, are aimed at enhancing a particular website to become visible to search engines and users.

The mini news and Web Positioning

The key to mini news is in the use of high quality links that point to a specific website from other very well positioned portals. If a company operates more than 1,500 different thematic portals and these are well positioned in the web, it will be fully beneficial to those pages that have a low level of prestige and are linked to these sites.

Mini news and SEO

The main objective of the mini news is to give strength to a particular website through the publication of short content of great importance in several prestigious sites. So if there are several mini news point to your website from well positioned portals, this will improve your SEO positioning and can appear on the top of Google and other search engines. In this sense, you should be aware that the links pointing to your site must be of high quality.

Use relevant mini news from prestigious websites is essential in the world of the web. Just click on a link to point to a content is such a common action, usually people do not realize the importance of these links at the time to suggest quality content and relevant to users.

Thus, it is essential to know what is the relevance of a link to a site SEO positioning. For this reason, then we will explain why a link from mini news in prestigious portals, it is critical to position a website:

In principle, you should keep in mind that the Google search engine, a quality link coming from a prestigious site is a sign of popularity. It is like a vote of confidence given by this prestigious site in recommending another website URL to your readers. It should be noted that this recommendation should be based on the relevance and quality of the content of this website. So for the vote of confidence is valuable to Google, the link must be of quality, so the SEO ranking of the site from which is fundamental. There are three elements to determine the value of a link to Google:

The authority. This is given by the number of quality links or mini news who owns a website. Therefore, if the site generates the link receives an enormous amount of daily mentions on other websites, have a higher authority than that which is linked a few times during a month. Pages exist given their characteristics are often linked, for example, the digital media. So a bond or mini new from them can be very valuable for SEO positioning of the linked site.

Confidence. The confidence of a certain web page is based on various data navigation of the Internet, eg bounce rate, time stayed on a website, number of unique visitors, number of links and Total, among others elements, which consist of data through which the search engine Google can know what the confidence level of a specific site.

Agreement. It is important to have in mind that the theme of the website containing the mini news that will point to your page, you must be consistent with the theme of your website. This is because if the link is generated by a website whose theme is similar or equal to the bound, it will be much more than one whose subject does not have any relationship.

You may have noticed how they influence the mini news in SEO positioning a particular website. They must come from a prestigious site on the web and it is preferable that they are related to the content offered by your site, but would not be worth anything.

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