Importance of mini news

Many people compete to have a privileged place on the web. To do this, use a variety of techniques SEO positioning that allows them to be in the top search Google and other major search engines. One of the most important tools to achieve this goal is the creation and publication of news in order to provide greater strength to a website, promote it and make it visible to users and search engines.

Importance of mini news

The importance of mini news for SEO has increased in recent years because it has produced excellent results in positioning a website. To this end, quality links pointing to a particular website from other sites that are well positioned are set. For example, a company that manages more than 1500 portals of different topics, will be beneficial to position your site with mini news.

What are the mini news?

The mini news refer to an innovative service that often provide companies with extensive experience in the market and a lot of blogs in order to promote a website through the preparation and publication of short mini news or high quality content in various portals prestigious.

The mini news consist of an announcement or notice that attracts visitors to a specific web page and directs them to your site offering the possibility of increasing the number of visits to your site and thus improving your SEO. a website is enhanced by the fact that these mini news are posted on sites that have a high web traffic and prestige in the network. Appear on one side of the site’s home page has a link that points to the user so immediate to the site where is the full story.

Why are important mini news?

You know that the links that go to your website are essential for search engines include your site in the top positions. Ideally these links come from pages that have already a good search engine positioning, in other words, they have an excellent level of authority or popularity given the number of visits they have.

For this reason, it is essential to include a service mini news your digital marketing strategy, because they are included in prestigious web portals. So that many more users will reach your website easily more and thus can position yourself on Google and other search engines known as Yahoo and Bing.

Get quality links

For service mini news be fully effective it is essential to get quality links. To do this, there are two basic parameters or requirements that will help you measure the quality of the links:

High Pagerank

These links should have a high PageRank, or moderately high. This is a Google algorithm which aims to measure the popularity of a page. The PageRank should be high because it means that the site is important to the search engine and therefore it may be favorable for a web whose reputation is less.

In this sense, you should be wary of sites that have a PageRank too low, that is, between 0 and 1. However, a site with a PageRank of 1 can be acceptable only if the theme is similar. Bear in mind that if the PR of a site is void, or a gray bar is displayed, it is likely that this site has been penalized by Google. So to have a good SEO positioning you should avoid links from sites with a zero value or PageRank bar in gray.

Similar theme

It is important that quality links come from sites or web portals that have the same theme as yours or similar. This is because if they are similar, the search engine Google understands that are linking and voting or pointing to your site from sites that cover the same subject that your site and therefore relevant.

For example, it is logical to think that a site property pointing to a page of home remodeling, gives value to SEO positioning with a quality link because it is in the same industry and, therefore, it makes more sense to Google to place it from a site that has no relation to the main topic. So when hiring service mini news is recommended that the company handles a large number of sites in different sectors.

The mini news constitute an element of real importance for SEO positioning of a site and will have the chance to appear on the first search results. Therefore, it is important that you consider these aspects before hiring any service mini news.

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