What are they and how mini news work?

The massive competition in the web is essential to anyone who wants to be truly successful on the web go to different SEO techniques or hire a search engine optimization plan to optimize your website and make it rise to the top of the results seekers. One of the measures that are implemented for this is the publication of news in order to give more strength to a website strengthening it and making it more visible to both users and search engines.

Perhaps this term is not well known but is a service of marketing and advertising of high level that is becoming more popular both for its ease of use and its effectiveness and for this reason we will show you all you need to know about it.

What are mini news?

The mini news are a new and unique service that provides a company with experience and lots of blogs, in order to promote a website by posting short news and relevant content on different websites prestige.

There is talk of promoting a website because these reports are published on popular sites with high visitor traffic, appear on one side of the home or site home page and include a link that immediately directs the user to a page where information the news will be expanded. Briefly these are mini news an ad that captures the attention of visitors to a particular site and directs them to your website and gradually increasing your visits your web positioning.

How to successfully create a mini new?

Despite how easy it can be to create a mini new to be a short text, there are certain aspects to be considered for them to be approved, specify the publication and meet the goal of any search engine optimization plan to attract more visitor traffic and give strength to a website.

In this sense the text to simulate headline news, as those in conventional newspapers, take into account that the information be extended when the user is directed to the website. In this way the information is placed in the advertisement must be closely related to the user to be displayed in addition to this content must be quality, remember that not only enough for a user to visit the web but this stay in it for some time.

The headline should not be less than 6 words nor exceed 20 and between these words should be avoided expressed as advertising, words such as «buy», «win» or «for sale» should be excluded and retain informative characterizes all news.

Requirements to pass a mini new

To achieve the publication of a mini new, besides knowing how to create it is needed to fulfill some requirements that we will describe below. The URL to which takes the user to display the extended information must be valid and undergoing testing Copyscape duplicate content. Each mini new to be unlike any other otherwise be taken as duplicate content and may result in penalties by the search engines. you can not post inappropriate content (sexual, tarot or casino games) since mini new were intended for traditional pages. To access this option can hire the option of special categories.

Advantages of using mini news

Just knowing what they are can be broken down the mini news distinct advantages it brings to who employ them, however given its importances we describe the most relevant. The mini news or ads are created easily by using an administrative control panel that comes with hiring a search engine optimization plan. They are easy to create because it is a short text written as an owner with the intention of capturing the attention of a potential customer. notoriety and visibility to search engines and users to be recommended by prestigious and reputable sites is acquired. Increased visitor traffic. To create interest with news of compelling content about a product or service.

The mini news as we have seen is a very beneficial to achieve strengthen a website and an excellent choice for both low plan costs as the wide dissemination service you get.

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