Belly Surgery: What is tummy tuck

The abdomen is one of the parts of the body where fat accumulates, causing not get the shape you wish. In addition situations such as childbirth, or simply age, make the abdomen lose muscle tone and observe greater sagging and fat accumulation. Belly Surgery: What is tummy tuck? Abdominoplasty is a solution that offers cosmetic surgery to correct these problems and thus get a belly that looks as we would like, in this way, we can undergo surgery to obtain or regain a flat stomach after giving birth or just, if not we are pleased with our abdominal area.

The patient who comes to more cosmetic surgery clinics to undergo a tummy tuck is usually divided into two sections:

  • Moderately overweight patients who want to remove the layer of fat covering your abdomen to get a more slender figure and aesthetic optimal results.
  • Women after pregnancy have lost muscle tone in the abdomen or after several deliveries, your abdominal area is dilated and does not look aesthetically as you like, tummy tuck in finding a quick and reliable solution to achieve the desired belly.

Before undergoing a tummy tuck, you must meet the requirements for the operation to give the expected result, because if it has a large obesity, other operations will be recommended as liposuction to treat excess fat.

Women who wish to undergo this operation because of the effects of childbirth, should be clear that they will not give birth again, because if so the operation would have been in vain and return to the previous state (or if you they should be aware of this important point).

Will the surgeon, as a qualified professional, who guided by our goals, help us to choose the most appropriate technique for our interests, in some cases will require a longer stay in the clinic than others, and for example, there is possibility of a mini-tummy tuck, if the patient just wants to treat a small area of the abdomen. Thus and personalized study is the patient who decides within the alternatives offered by the doctor which is more suited to their abilities.

Intervention. Belly Surgery: What is tummy tuck?

Depending on the type of tummy tuck or other anesthesia will be used, but usually a general anesthesia to keep the patient asleep while the doctor performs the operation, but on many other occasions choose to use a local anesthetic and sedation.

While the duration of tummy tuck between 2 hours and 4 hours, a mini-abdominoplasty can be between 1-2 hours, will depend on the morphology of the patient and the amount of fat stored, or also treated the area of the cartridge for example, among other factors.

The operation begins with an incision in the lower belly and above the pubis, so are the abdominal muscles and adipose tissue which was located in the belly area, having strained muscles, accessible skin is placed in its desired position and the portion of excess skin is removed. Because of this process, it is possible that the patient, find the navel located slightly below the area in which he is accustomed. After this procedure proceeds to the suture, bandaging the area to prevent infection. After this, the operation is terminating and the patient will have contact with the surgeon to evaluate the post-operative and arrange track.

In the mini-tummy tuck, the amount of skin that rises usually not reach the navel, and although the process is exactly the same, requires less time and a slightly faster recovery.

Recovery and postoperative abdominoplasty

Tummy tuck, like all surgery requires postoperative, which will be important to check that the patient responds well to intervention and no infection occurs.

The average period in clinical varies greatly, as we have already indicated the mini-tummy tuck, may mean that the patient is in the clinic usually one day, whereas if it is a tummy tuck larger, you will not receive high until after 2 or 3 days, and after the clinic staff it deems appropriate.

indications of the surgeon to know how to properly change the bandage will be received, and how to carry the day, it is recommended that low-intensity exercise as soon as possible, walking is the most recommended.

One of the topics that fear gives people abdominoplasty, is not the intervention itself, but the scar remains is a fact that there is a scar that eventually will be taking a less striking appearance, but never They will come to disappear. While the procedure is performed in an area that is usually covered with underwear or a bathing suit, thus making it virtually invisible to the eyes of others.

Regarding the return to normal working life, or take more strenuous exercise, the time will vary greatly from one patient to another, for example, is not just a patient who had a major abdominal muscles, which other than possesses such a toned, like abdomen that each body tolerates intervention in one way and some people simply heal before others. We must also consider what kind of employment status and physical exertion we perform in it, because it will influence to determine the time back to work. The media tells us about periods ranging from 15 days and month.

Finally, discuss the importance of knowing if you are a suitable patient for this surgery, so you can give the desired result, or if instead we lose a few kilos before submitting to surgery. Will the surgeon and his team who tell us what situation we are and throw a thread of light on the results that more or less can be obtained with this type of surgery. It is vital to speak to the professional who will perform the procedure, to tell us the risks and to explain the procedure to be clear about what kind of surgery we will submit so they can be convinced about it.

Where undergo a tummy tuck?

Probably, if you’ve followed you reading this far it is because you interested in Belly Surgery: What is tummy tuck?. One of the aspects that we most remember is the center where we will perform the procedure.

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