How to draw an anteater

Today we will learn how to draw an anteater

We will show how to draw an anteater step by step, to make it easy.

Myrmecophaga tridactyla

South America.
Size: 1.5 to 2 m.
Within this long snout there is a long, sticky tongue anteater used to catch ants. With its sharp claws he breaks the mound and quickly inserting and removing the tongue, traps. Sleeping outdoors leaning over to keep warm furry tail.

1) Draw three ovals loosely to mark the base of the anteater figure. Never squeeze at first.

How to draw an anteater

2) Add the snout to the smallest oval. Draw the eye and ear of the anteater. Traces the elegant curvature of the tail from the large ellipse; beam with loose hair pencil strokes.

How to draw an anteater

3) Draw the curved part of the front legs. Make the hair on the back with small strokes. Add the claws curved feet below. Draw hair gut and hind legs, and shades the dark band below the neck feature anteaters.


4) Finish the drawing with loose strokes and shading. Look closely at the direction of the lines drawing anteater. Leave the clearest forelegs.

How to draw an anteater

Note that the shading covers the original ovals that marked the foundation of our drawing of a anteater.

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