Learn how to write quality content articles for publication SEO

The text is one of the fundamental aspects in optimizing search engines. Google to access a Web site focuses especially on the text and it is where it should be a higher incidence within any online project. It is essential that the texts for publication SEO articles are well optimized with the desired keywords. For this reason we will show the following parameters for a good SEO text.

The company provides service writing articles on different subjects according to the area of ​​interest of the client and creating SEO content. The articles are written should relate to the theme of the website where they will be published. Also, the content of those articles must be unique and attractive, as well as go through an efficient quality control. Also, our team makes a common review of articles both by editors like editors.

Title and item entry

It is essential for publishing articles SEO is the title of an H1 or H2, giving relevance to the HTML. It must also contain the primary keyword to optimize it completely. In this regard, together with the unique content and quality of your article, its title must meet certain basic parameters as specified in this section as well as being completely attractive to users who enter your site or web page.

Moreover, compared to the first paragraph of the text, it should summarize or introduced into a maximum of six lines the main ideas of the text that is to write. Similarly, you should include the phrase or keyword in the first paragraph. The more the principle of it will be much better. Similarly, this brief introduction to the text, you must invite the reader of the article to continue reading it and should arouse their interest throughout the text, also including external and internal links is also recommended.

Body text

Regarding the body text, it is best to write at least 700 words to gain importance in the SEO of your site in search engines. In addition, phrases or keywords should be distributed on it. Moreover, it is essential to add that keyword, other than the first paragraph to throughout the text, and on the recommendation, in the last paragraph of the article so that they do relevant.

Moreover, with respect to the density of keywords in the text, write and publish SEO means optimizing naturally and it is here that lies the importance, if the keywords are not incorporated naturally and there is excessive them their effect will be negative.

Benefits of Writing

As already mentioned we are responsibles for writing articles of different and varied themes according to the request made by the client and his area of ​​interest. These items must be related to the theme of the site or web portal which will be published for a better match. In this regard, among the main benefits of this service it is the development of attractive and unique content as well as an effective quality control of the articles written.

Also, once written, the items will be checked by the same writers as well as by the editors of the company, because today Google takes much into account the quality of the information provided in any portal or website. Moreover, another benefit that you get when hiring our service will be constant and permanent Internet search within sites recognized as the encyclopedia, as well as the generation of interesting and new content.

SEO articles publication with original content, is one of the pillars that moves our organization. His extensive knowledge in managing servers, network, writing and publishing articles on different themes, as well as services offered by the company, impacting positively to the various companies engaged in SEO shape. So do not hesitate to contact us and request more information about our plans.

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